UB’CAL Electronic Water Conditioner


Excellent customer service over 25 years. !!

Since 1990, we have been offering complete water treatment solutions to our customers.

After extensive research on various technologies available in national and international market, we launched unique, innovative and technologically advanced water treatment solutions suitable for Residential, Agriculture and even Industrial applications. We also launched unique water disinfectant having very innovative sustain release chlorine bags & in 1995 introduced catalytic water conditioner to the market.

In the year 2004, UB-Cal range of products were launched with innovative and latest technology. There were series of other users iodine water purifier, Catalytic Water Conditioners (CWC), Magnetic Water Conditioners (MWC) etc.

UB-Cal WATER CONDITIONER (UWC) has become No.1 water conditioner, in its category, giving excellent results to our farmers, industries, hospitals etc. since 2004.

Two coiled antennas wrapped around the water pipe broadcast & induce a series of controlled complex modulated signal field into the water pipe. When water passes rapidly from the complex signal field, it changes the behavior of the mineral particles in the water. This results to decrease surface tension of the water so that hard water get softer water effect. The UB’Cal greatly reduces the energy consumption, chemical cost, water quantity, maintenance cost & corrosion. It also minimizes algae formation.

R O Plant


  • No Salt or Chemicals needed.
  • No Maintenance, No Plumbing & easy to install.
  • Mains pressure unaffected.
  • Retains healthy minerals.
  • Little space required and safe.
  • Low running cost, negligible power consumption.
  • Effective on pvc, hdpe, copper or steel pipe.
  • No waste water.


  • Remove existing scales & descales the plumbing system.
  • Provide softer water so that soaps, shampoos & detergents lather better & scum is reduced.
  • Increases the life of solar water heating equipments & also reduces the maintenance.
  • Extends life of water filters & RO membranes.


  • Water with high salinity & T.D.S. level can be effectively used.
  • Reduce the effect of salts & basic elements are made available to root zone, it also enhances nutrients uptake.
  • Drip irrigation line stays clean.


  • Used for boilers, chillers, cooling tower, heat exchangers etc.
  • Stops scale deposition and corrosion.
  • More effecient cooling and heating.
  • Keeps cooling towers, piping & condensers clean.
  • Saves money by avoiding maintenance & replacement cost.
  • Longer life for hot water equipments.
  • Avoids expenses on chemicals & soft water treatment.
Scale Thickness in mm Loss of energy in %
1.60 13%
3.18 25%
6.35 40%
9.00 55%