UB’CAL Electronic Water Conditioner

Rain water is some what acidic because as it falls through the atmosphere it encounters carbon dioxide (CO2) with which it reacts to from carbonic acid as follows Rain water combines with gases in air & becomes slightly acidic

H2O + CO2 = H2CO3

Water + Carbondioxide = Carbonicacid

The slightly acidic water dissolves rock and forms hardness.

The hardness in the water come from the calcium and magnesium salts that dissolved into the water from soluble rocks through which the rain water flows.

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R. O. Plant

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Reverse Osmosis Plants, Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant, Reverse Osmosis System,…

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Solar Water Heater

We offer a great range of Solar Water Heater that is used to convert the sun rays into energy so that it can be used for the water heating…

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Pressure Pump

A water pressure pump can increase the water pressure coming out of the faucets and appliences in your home. Poor water flow may take…

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Water Softening Plant

The main purpose of Water Softening Plant is to remove the divalent cat ions from the water like magnesium and calcium to make water softer as these ions make the water hard. Hard water is not good for the domestic purpose as well as for the industrial purpose also. The Water Softening Plant offered by us have the capability to make the water soft by removing these constituents of water. We are expert in installing the Water Softening Plant at different places.

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