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We Tattva Tech provides Electronic Water Conditioner, Hard Water Problem Solution for Agriculture, Residential, Industrial & Commerical Projects. Tattva Tech is a leading Water Solution Company and provide solutions for hard water treatment. Tattva Tech delivers customer value by improving performance and product quality and by reducing operating costs and extending equipment life in a broad range of products and services which are environmental friendly. With a very experienced and motivated team in designing and execution of various types of hard water treatment and application, Tattva Tech is fully geared up to meet all the challenges that come its way in achieving its goal.

UB’CAL Electronic Water Conditioner

Rain water is some what acidic because as it falls through the atmosphere it encounters carbon dioxide (CO2) with which it reacts to from carbonic acid as follows Rain water combines with gases in air & becomes slightly acidic

H2O + CO2 = H2CO3

Water + Carbondioxide = Carbonicacid

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Water That Reach You May Have One of These Problems

Bacteria And Virus

Turbidity Muddy Water

Bad Taste & Odors

Hard Water

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